Engaging technology and lifestyle into medical services, Semacare is a leading global life data management company founded in 2014 in Australia, currently, its projects are covering major cities in Australia, China and the USA. Providing innovative medical devices and data processing services for professional medical market; as well as providing medical level data applications, hardware consultation, product design, resource channels etc. for healthcare market.
Serving Mankind Healthcare is the shared vision of the entire Semacare team, headed by a group of Medical Professionals and Data Scientists, with the balance of multitasking supporting team. Unlike other R&D team, we are emotional beings, there are also designers and artists on board at the right beginning of the company. Together, we are creating a whole new generation of medical level products with the touch and feel of daily life. Again, we are global citizens and we are energized, attacking more like-minded talents while we are growing, and we grow fast.
Jeffrey Yang
President & Co-Founder
Alex Wang
CEO & Co-Founder
Roger Luo
COO & Co-Founder
Zhenxin Cai
Marketing Director
Jianguo Yao
Chief Data Scientist
Forland Yang
General Manager (Aus Office)
Anna Xu
Human Resource Director
Allen Cheng
R&D Deputy Director
Raymond Fan
Design Director
Semacare (Melbourne)
ADD: 46 North Street Richmond, VIC 3121, Australia
URL: www.semacare.com
TEL:+61 3 9421 6331
Semacare (ShenZhen)
ADD: 3069 Caitian Road, Suite 1308, Tower A Shenzhen, Guangdong 518026, China
URL: www.semacare.com
TEL:+86 755 83908999