LifeStudy is a medical data analytical platform for hospitals and medical research institutions. It does data mining on years of clinical data, processed to serve the purpose of precision medicine as well as shared workload of the doctors. LifeStudy is a solution that enables screening, diagnosis and follow-up of patients.
LifeSmart is a machine learning algorithms,especially deep recurrent neural network along with the atten-tion model to the data we collect from the devices and amass from cooperative providers. With the alg-orithm we have trained from the clinical big data, we are able to provide service, currently, to 14 common.

Atrial Arrhythmias with astonishing diagnostic accu-racy that outperforms most cardiologists.
Predicative service can pick up the minute nuance of the data (e.g. ECG) which is indiscernible to the most sensitive eyes, and to generate serious clinical alert to the patient before a disease is fully grown.
LifeService is a total solution for technology company to step into professional healthcare and medical industries. it caters to companies set in healthcare, smart device, software service and insurance though LifeStudy™ medical big data platform and LifeSmart™ medical algorithm library,providing medical application services, medical consulting, software and algorithm support and more.
LifeService function & Application
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Hardware scoping and data
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